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Mizu elf - Dream Experiments - Railgun Girl (eng)
空想実験 最強電撃娘 / Kusojikken saikyo dengeki musume / Dream Experiments Strongest Shock Daughter / Dream Lover Railgun Girl Fancy experiment strongest blitz daughter Artist/Circle: 水の妖精 Language: English dlsite eng dlsite Jap Release Date: 2015/04/06
Windwave – Celes, The False Champion (Jap)
The demon lord has revived. Celes who was born in a heroes' bloodline has to set out for a journey to defeat the demon lord. Celes' strength is renowned worldwide as worthy of the title of hero. Nobody doubts that the demon lord's scheme will be
Superhippo - Sacred Sword Princesses - Completed
Visit / The ambitious Mistress of Night has ascended and is seeking to devour the land of Midgardia. It is your duty and destiny as the wielder of the Sacred Sword to save this world by performing intimate “rituals” with
Tinkerer - Peasant’s Quest Version 1.41
Visit / Date: update Jan 2019 Version: 1.41 Language: English Censorship: No
Alice Soft - Toushin Toshi 1-2 (eng)
闘神都市 Developer: Alice Soft Translator: toushinarunaru Release Date: 1990-12-15, 1994-12-10 Custom, a swordsman from a small village, is on a journey when he comes across a carriage being attacked. He defeats the attackers, rescuing the lovely maiden
Morning Star Rush / a Matures / Hentai Industries / MangaGamer - Dungeon of Corruption ~Trials of the Female Knights~ - Version 2.01 Completed
Visit / Coming from Hentai Industries, creators of Orc Castle and the Warrior Princess Asuka series, Dungeon of Corruption offers adult gamers a great mix of puzzle solving gameplay and a wide variety of sex scenes with
Studio e.go - Men at Work 2 - Hunter Academy e Youkoso (eng)
Men at Work! 2 ~Hunter Academy e Youkoso~ メンアットワーク!2~ハンターアカデミーへようこそ~ Type: Visual Novel Genre: Incest, Fantasy Original title: メンアットワーク!2~ハンターアカデミーへようこそ~ Length: 10-30 hours Language: EN Patch Censorship: Uncensored Platforms: Windows A Hunter
The Great Sword of Catastro-porne v1.06 by CircleKAME (Eng)
Visit / Naoto, who earns her living as an adventurer, battles in the dungeon of the so-called Ruins of Evolution... (can completed as a virgin). Short game compared to other CircleKAME games.
Dorgel - DARK SPHERE - Dark Elf and Labyrinth Land v1.10 (Eng)
Visit / Things often end in tears for dark elf Rifuse, girl swordfighter. Danger strikes from all directions! Brave the kingdom's dark labyrinth and all its traps and tricks. her tiny body is a beacon for lewdness!
Clymenia - XVI Liz of the Tower v1.05 (Eng)
Visit / Liz and Aisha follow the man who took their Grimoire of Darkness to the town of Bramach. Sensing danger that young witch Liz can't handle, Aisha tells her to stay behind, but Liz doesn't heed her mentor's words and
Clymenia - Salvation Ver.1.07 Completed (Eng/Jap)
Visit / In order to prevent the revival of devil, princess of Magia kingdom Sylvia was traveled to bring the two people servant. One of the Dark Elf Konoe knight An'neryi. Another person is the beast's girl Edora. On a
M.games - The Almeria 5th Knights ver.1.06 (eng)
Censorship : Cen Genre : RPG, Tiny tits, Warrior, Fantasy, Cuckoldry, Slave, Virgin Female, Straight, Blowjob Platform: PC/Windows Language: English Contents * ver.1.06 Presenting the 5th ecchi RPG from M.GAMES You are Rose. Craft items, manage food
K Create Room - Otome God’s Story - Lifi’s Calapa Island Fighting Strategy (eng/uncen) + Walkthrough
Virgin Island Updated: 29/Jul/2012 Developer/Publisher: K Create Room Censorship: Yes (Patch Available) Version: 1.23 OS: Windows Language: English Genre: Fantasy, Virgin, Bukkake, Tentacles, Monsters, outdoor Rifi, a treasure hunter, is looking for
CircleKAME - Parallel fantasy Zero+ (eng)
Parallel fantasy 0+ Artist/Circle: さーくる亀 Language: English Contents A "+" has been added to the title. This denotes an update to Version 1.0. Current version 1.1 Game balancing and other revisions are ongoing. Recommend purchase with member account
La'cryma - Fortissimo FA INTL Ver (eng)
Title: Fortissimo EXS/ Phase Original Title: フォルテシモ エグゼス ネクステン ファーゼ VNDB: Fortissimo EXS/ Phase Lenght: Long (30 - 50 hours) Year: 20/12/2013 (Japanese) - 24/08/2018 (English) Developer: La'cryma Publisher: La'cryma
Tar - Tereritoria (eng)
Work content It is a simple RPG aimed at defeating the boss lurking in the dungeon while collecting items. Touching a wandering monster will result in a battle, and when defeated the illustration will be displayed. There are seven types of monsters
Enokippu - Arena of Akakubi Ver.1.05d
Visit / Girl Sachi leaving in order to look back a fight farewell to father on a journey of sword training had been kidnapped by kidnapping when it is. Then, it is bound by magic collar in carried the previous country, it
Paiko House - Safi’s Ecchi Adventure (eng)
Updated: July/28/2013 Developer/Publisher: Paiko House Censorship: Yes Version: 1.00 OS: Windows/PC Language: English Overview: Safi is an adventurer of the fledgling For a friend that was injured, is a story to go in search of flowers of sympathy.
Oneone1 - Meritocracy of the Oni & Blade + Append [Complete Edition / Multi-Language]
Circle: ONEONE1/DLsite Release: Sep/28/2018 Genre: Woman’s Viewpoint, Lots of White Cream/Juices, Cross-section View, Pure Love, Outdoor Exposure, Corrupted Morals Additional Note: This is the Steam version of the game. The latest official bug fix
Boner Games - Game Of Boners - Version 0.012
Visit / It's another one of those RPG Maker MV game with 3D renders, Game of Boners distinguishes itself with its gritty story, unique setting and beautiful (static and animated) renders. It includes voice acting, game maps
Golden Fever - You’d Fight For Me, Lose For Me, Get X’d For Me v1.06 (eng)
Release date: 2015/05/19 Censorship: Yes Developer / Publisher: Golden Fever (ゴ ー ル デ ン ン フ ィ ー バ バ ー) Platform: PC / Windows Version: 1.06 Language: English The RPG where you devote everything to… sabotaging your allies!? In this game you don’t
Illusion - Battle Raper II The Game + Sexy Raper DLC (English UI)
バトルアール2 PUBLISHER: Illusion DEVELOPER: Illusion YEAR: 2005 Genre: Adult, Anime / Manga, Fighting, Versus Fighting Dialogues still in Japanese Installation: 1. Extract the file 2. Mount the ISO file and Intall the game 3. Apply noDVD patch in the
Meno mosso game - Millia and the Phantom Witch (eng)
Millia and the Phantom Witch Artist/Circle: meno mosso game Language: English VIDEO [Overview] A top-down 3D action erotic game. Fight monsters using knife and magic to rescue an abducted little sister. [Synopsis] Millia and Mary are close sisters.
DynamiteRedGames - Valiant Warrior Astrid - Version 0.5
Visit / "I wanted to make a fantasy game with a tomboyish protagonist who gets thrown into a quest, and discovers her sexuality along the way. Make no mistake though, this will be a hardcore corruption game".​
Alibi - Adventure World SP -The Red Hair Treasure Hunter- (eng)
Censorship : Cen Genre : ACT, Fantasy, Female Heroine, Gangbang/Group, Monsters, Big Breasts/Big Tits, Warrior/Knife Platform: PC/Windows Language: English Description: Adventurers found an ancient dungeon on a island recently. The way down there
SkimpySoft - Battle of otherworldly Beauties VERSION 1.0
Single player puzzle game! Fierce Player vs CPU battles and multiple game modes! Themes: -Humiliation for the defeated! (Girl on Girl) -Femdom! (Girl on Orc) -Domination! (Orc on Girl) ...and several other themes sprinkled throughout! ARCADE MODE:
Rusimarudou - Goblin Walker v1.52 (eng)
Goblin Walker / ゴブリンウォーカー Year of manufacture: 2017 Release date: 2017/12/20 Renewal date: 2018/04/30 Genre: ADV, 2D, Action, Fantasy, Combat, Management, Warrior / Knight, Elf, Forced, Brainwashing / Hypnosis, Monster, Humiliation, Internal Cumshot
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