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Born-To-Die - OctoberWEEN - Version 1.2
Visit / After almost dying from a sharp metal object found inside your stomach because of a chocolate snack produced by a certain company. The company decided to settle it outside of court and so gave you a hella lot of
Pin-Point - Glory of the Self-Styled Diehard girl - Completed
Visit / Kaoru was a stalwart young man dedicated to zest, justice, passion and awesomeness... He defended the weak and challenged the strong and hated villains. One day while trying to save a child from the street, he was
Ume Soft - Detective Masochist 2 -The Case of the Tortured Servant- - Completed
Visit / In the city of Kanazawa, our hero is still working tirelessly as a detective to live up to his mentor’s teachings. …But it would be tough to call him hardboiled. In fact, he’s as incompetent as ever. What’s more, this

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