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Alien Runaway Version 0.21 by The Worst
Visit / Developer / Publisher: The Worst Censorship: No Language: Eng Version: 0.21 OS: Win Description: Join a Space Ship Pilot in his attempts to escape mysterious yet sexy aliens chasing him!​
David Goujard - Behind The Dune - Version 2.16.4
Visit / Android Version v2.15 Download from florenfile.com (19.76 MB) Download from k2s.cc (19.76 MB) Behind the Dune is parody of the epic science fiction novel and movie called "Dune" written and directed by David Luch.
David Goujard - Vega Hunters - Version 2.1
Visit / You will play as an alien bounty hunter who's interested in pretty bandits. This time you will not be stuck on one planet, but travel the whole galaxy.​
Kaliyo - Ass Effect: Reloaded - Episode 1-3 Completed
Visit / This is a parody game of Mass Effect. It uses characters and storylines from the Mass Effect Universe. This is Kaliyo's first game and his only series. He got scared by EA's lawyers and started making a different game

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